Gabor patches are sinusoidal gratings, typically with a Gaussian envelope, which are frequently used as stimuli in psychological experiments. Using this page you can easily create and download high quality Gabor patches. As with most topics, you can find out more about Gabor patches on Wikipedia.

In order to generate multiple Gabor patches at once, you can enter multiple values separated by a comma (","). You can download generated stimuli separately or at once as a .zip file. Please note that the script may time out if you generate too many or very large stimuli.

Specify and generate

in degrees
in pixels
Determines the shape of the patch
Circular (sharp edge)
Rectangle (no envelope)
Standard deviation
in pixels (only applies to the Gaussian envelope)
in cycles/ pixel
Color 1
RGB values should be in the 0-255 range
Red: Green: Blue:
Color 2
RGB values should be in the 0-255 range
Red: Green: Blue:
Background color
Determines the color of the background
Average of color 1 and color 2
Same as color 2

View and download

Download all patches as a .zip file

Orientation: 45
Size: 96
Envelope: gaussian
Standard deviation: 12
Frequency: 0.1
Color 1: 255, 255, 255
Color 2: 0, 0, 0
Background color: average